Open Monumentendag@Haarlem

I actually didn't know what open monumentendag was. But I went there.

This was meetup stuff and originally it was Utrecht however organiser had just heard that most of the monuments were closed on Saturday so he changed it to Haarlem. Well, I've never been to Haarlem before (even though I've been living here for 3 and half years already!) so there was no reason not to go;)

 Central square? I don't know the place name. The sun glasses guy was the organiser.

 Inside of the city hall (if I following the explanation correctly...)

 They have a huge draw.

 Inside of the church which was on the first photo. Male choir was there. They were pretty good.

Should be a pipe organ. But I also saw a much smaller one, so this might not be the one.

Yes, as you already know I'm not a good photographer, so the photos are that's it.

Then we went through the city and into some museums. It was quit interesting to me. The city itself was totally different from other cities such as Leiden, Amsterdam or the Hague. (I don't know much about Rotterdam even though I work there:P)

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