How to add Twitter widget to blogger

It took a day to realise how to make it work properly for me. So there might be loads of people who want to add but somehow it didn't work.

This site describes the basic process really well and it's really useful.
How To Add Twitter Updates Widget in Blogger Blogs - HOWTOQUICK.net

The problem I've got was I could see it on your preview but I didn't see it in real one. If you are living in the US or somewhere using .com you don't have this problem. But if you are living somewhere doesn't use it (.nl for example), you have the problem. Blogger redirects viewers' country specific domain automatically.

The workaround is really simple. Just add viewers' domain to 'Domain' text area. For example, if you want to show your tweets people from Japan, then add ${your blog name}.blogger.jp.

I'm not sure if there is a generic solution for this problem and so far I couldn't find it. If you have solved this with clever way, please let me know.

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