curly-infix (SRFI-105)

I have merged my SRFI-105 implementation on Github to Sagittarius itself. So it can be used from version 0.3.8.
I haven't follow all the discussions nor read all specification (WTF?!), so I'm not sure if the following code is too much #\{ and #\} or it's supposed to be like this;
;; Sagittarius need this line
;; For portability with other implementations.

(import (rnrs))

(define (fact n)
  (if {n = 0}
      ;; Here, it seems too much. If I could write
      ;; fact(n - 1), it seems way better. But my
      ;; implementation (mostly taken from reference
      ;; implementation) doesn't allow me.
      {n * fact({n - 1})}))

{print fact(5)} ;; -> 120
As far as I understood, inside of #\( must be treated the same as usual Scheme way. So if I want to pass calculated argument(s) with infix style, then I need to wrap with extra pair of #\{ and #\}. If I'm not understanding correctly, please let me know :-)

Some part such as {n = 0} might be easier to understand for people who are not so familier with polish notation. However for people who already wrote a lot of Lisp programme, this might make them confused (or maybe not?).

Anyway, providing choices to users is a good thing, I believe.

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