Shadowing pattern identifier (macro bug)

I've been adding SRFIs, 57, 61, 87 and 99, to Sagittarius these days (means I just lost short term goal...). And found the bug (resolved). The bug was one of the longest lasting ones since I've re-written the macro expander. So it might be useful to share for someone who wants to write one macro expander from scratch.

The bug was about renaming pattern identifier. Well, more precisely, not renaming pattern identifier. On Sagittarius, pattern identifiers are preserved means they aren't renamed when syntax-case is compiled. I don't remember why I needed to do this (should've written some comment but at that moment it was as clear as day, of course not anymore...) but if I change to rename it, then test cases, or even test itself, would run. Now, the bug was relating this non-renamed pattern identifier. You can see the issue but I also write the reproducible code here:
(import (rnrs))

(define-syntax foo
  (lambda (x)
    (define (derive-it k s)
      (let loop ((r '()) (s s))
        (syntax-case s ()
          (() (datum->syntax k r))
          (((f a b) rest ...)
           (loop (cons #'(f a b) (cons #'(f a b) r)) #'(rest ...))))))
    (syntax-case x ()
      ((k (foo . bar) ...)
       (with-syntax ((((foo a b) ...)
                      (derive-it #'k #'((foo . bar) ...))))
         #''((foo a b)  ...))))))

(foo (f a b)) ;; -> shoulr return ((foo a b) (foo a b))
The problem is macro expander picked up not only foo of with-syntax but also foo of syntax-case. And bound input forms of these variables don't have the same length so macro expander signaled an error.

There would be 2 solution for this bug.
  1. Rename pattern identifier (not even an option for me since it requires tacking macro expander again...)
  2. Consider shadowing of pattern identifiers.
with-syntax binds pattern identifiers and hides the same identifiers outside of the expression. So it can be considered creating a scope like let or so. Then taking only the top most binding (bound variables are like in environment, so I call it top) wouldn't be a problem, would it? So I took the easy path (#2).

If it's just like this, probably I wouldn't write a blog post. The actual reason why is that how I found this bug. The bug was buried for a long time. I would say it's from the beginning (so ancient) but could also say since 0.5.0 (2 years). It's because the style of writing macros. I usually don't use the same name for pattern identifiers especially if ellipsis is involved. This is easier to debug. Now, when I was porting SRFI-57, I've noticed reference implementation was considerably slow. I think it's because the implementation uses macro generation macro generation macro generation... so on macro (not sure how much macro would be generated though). Unfortunately, Sagittarius' macro expander isn't so fast. Then I've found syntax-case implementation on discussion archive. It was written for MzScheme but not so difficult to port for R6RS. Then faced the bug.

Initially, I've thought this was implementation bug because the syntax-case used at that moment could be different. So I've tested with other implementations and it worked. The error message said pretty close where it happened and dumped most of the information I needed, but just I couldn't see it in first glance. Maybe I don't want to see the fact that there's still macro related bugs...

What I want to say or put a note here is that bugs are found when you step out from your usual way. It'd be there, if I didn't port SRFI-57.It's worth to take a different way to do it.

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