OS X support and Travis CI

Travis CI doesn't support Bitbucket so I didn't use it until now. I knew there's a way to use it, more precisely, there's a service which synchronises Bitbucket's repository to Github (BitSyncHub). But I didn't use it since there are couple of CI service which support Bitbucket (e.g. drone.io). Now, I've heard that Travis CI supports OSX so I wanted to use it. Using BitSyncHub wasn't difficult at all (so if you want to use Travis CI, it might be worth to consider). Enabling multiple OS support requires dropping a line to their support. No problem. Then I've got the environment, yahoo!!

OS X is, I believe, considered POSIX OS in most of the case. So I was hoping that Sagittarius would work without any change. Well, it didn't. When I write OS specific code, I refer POSIX spec to make sure I'm writing portable code. Was I doing right? I think so because the code worked on FreeBSD without any change which is also considered POSIX compliant OS. The pitfalls of OSX were the followings:
  • sem_timedwait is not implemented (linker error)
  • sem_init is not supported (can be compiled but an error)
  • Passing O_TRUNC to shm_open is an error.
Well, not that much things but pretty much annoying. Especially the first one. I've created a patch to make 0.6.7 be compiled so that CI server can build it.

Long time ago, Sagittarius got a pull request which made it work on OSX. The PR also contains a fix for libffi search path. It requires to specify the path explicitly. Which I think fine as long as you have control of the environment. However on CI server, we don't know until when the version is there. So I've written kind of solution to fine libffi in build process. So now, you can simply build like the following:
$ cmake .
$ make
It does kinda ugly thing internally but it's working so I'm happy with it.

Then I've experienced build failure number of times (including stupid mistake), finally got the successfull build.

Now, I can say Sagittarius supports OSX again.

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