eql specializer

This article is continued from the previous one (in Japanese).

Sagittarius has the library to do eql specializer however it was a bit limited if I wanted to use it from C level. So I wanted it builtin, yes I made it :)

Basically almost nothing is changed to use just it became a bit convenient. So you can write it like this (without (sagittarius mop eql) library);
(import (clos user))
(define-method fact ((n (eql 0))) 1)
(define-method fact ((n )) (* n (fact (- n 1))))
(fact 10) ;; -> 3628800
Now you don't have to define a generic procedure before defining methods.

Current implementation is simply ported from the old library so it might not be so efficient. (Well, it's written in C now so it should be faster than before!)

Ah, I thought I wanted to write more but guess not :(

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