CLOS based GUI library

Most of the script I have written so far is command line script and I didn't feel any inconvenience with it. However, sometimes I felt like if there is GUI to do it, it might make my life easier.

So I have decided to write a GUI library using FFI binding (currently working only Windows or Cygwin). There is a huge problem that is I have never written it before so I have no idea what is the best way to do it. After couple of days, I decided to use CLOS based method (named by me :-P).

It's not done yet but the code looks like this;
(import (clos user) (turquoise))

(let ((w (make <frame> :name "Sample" :width 200 :height 200))
      (b (make <button> :name "ok" :x-point 37 :y-point 50)))
  (add! w b)
  (add! b (lambda (action) (print action)))
  (show w))
The library (turquoise) is the GUI library. This piece of code just shows a window contains a button which prints action argument to standard output when it's pressed. The basic idea is using class as a component representation the same as other modern libraries and show thoese classes to users so that they can extend it easily.

I'm not sure if I should make add-component! or add-action-listner! instead of using generic method add!. If you have opinions about it, please let me know.

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