Yes, it's GC again. For some reason, GC_size did not return proper (means I wanted) value for pair pointer. It always returns 16 bytes instead of 8. I needed to figure it out why?

So I started to read Boehm GC's source code again. GC_size just returns header's size and the size is defined before allocation. So it must be in GC_init. (Well, it wasn't this easy to find out, first I needed to know how gran size came and so on...). In GC_init, there was a function named GC_init_size_map, ah, this is it.

So I stepped into the function and figured it out what's going on. Well, it's just calculating the gran size with extra byte. Now I have got other problem, how can I remove this without rebuilding gc library? GC_set_all_interior_pointer causes other problem. So far, I can't see any solution. Hmm...

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