Job interview

Now, I'm, of course, seeking a job. Yesterday I had the interview which was the second stage's one to get a job. Peaple who have registered a job agency must know the system of job interview, that's this. It has some complicated step to be decided, and makes me annoying.

Anyway, the interview was not so bad. I'm glad that I have the skill to talk to someone who I don't know. So, I think I could give them a good impression. However they and I don't know if we, I mean they and I, will get a job or not. This is a part of the complicated system. They haven't had the project yet, however they wanted some member in case they get it.

Well, I hope I get it. They said they would receive the answer from their client in 2 weeks, and if they wouldn't, we would lose the oppotunity. It's kind of ridiculous, eh? But it's still easier than Canada...

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