There were some disappointment in this week.

* I couldn't get the job which I got interviewed 2 times, after all.
Actually, I did know the possibility that I couldn't get the job, because they said they wasn't ordered yet. However I expected, of course, I could. Then I have to find something else.

* I've checked my English level and it was awful.
Well, it was a grammar test then I realized how I didn't know about it and how it wasn't improved. Actually the recognition of lacking it isn't so bad, probably it's good. I've just lost my confidence.

By the way, when I was watching a drama in English with subtitles, I always read the subtitle first and then I recognized what they said in English. Well, what I wanted to say was I still need some help to understand them completely, of course sometimes I realized their mistakes.
Understanding a long sentence like there are a lot of relative clauses or modified words, this sentence is probably a good example, is still so difficult for me, expecially only sound. Of course, shortage of vocabulary is one of the biggest problem.
I don't know why, maybe I do. In English, it is basically supposed to be said a result first then explanations, of course there are a lot of exceptions. However in Japanese, it's usually opposite. So, if I missed a first few words, I could usually not understand what they said.
One more reason why I can't understand. I think English pronunciation is more abstract than Japanese is. Maybe it's my misunderstanding. However it's not the same as some of examples on Japanese audio textbook or something made in Japan for Japanese English learner. I meant in drama the actors usually don't speak so clear. It's just my opinion, so maybe they do with some differences from Japanese one.

Well, what I wanted to say was my English is still suck.

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