Reviewing 2014

I usually write this things in Japanese but I've heard couple of times that I'm writing cryptogram language so just decided to write in common language, in this case English (well writing in Dutch is still too hard for me...)

Describing 2014 in one word, then it would be change. It's not taken from what the US president said. I think I started taking challenges at some point, probably in March or April, then the changes started happen.

I don't write a lot in this topic but just some for my memo.
  • Things are moving forward (not sure if it's good way or not, yet).
  • I've had my shoulder dislocated. It was my very first time in lifetime (ouch!)
  • Leaving current job.
  • Went to Japan twice a year. (Congrats my friend, be happy!)
    • I need to send pics and videos. Oh gosh, totally forgot about it...
  • Went to Washington D.C.
  • Became level 8 Schemer. (See Scheme section)
I've joined LISP Library 365 to introduce SRFIs.I wrote only 3 times a month so there was no way to write introduction for all SRFIs (in the end it ended up to SRFI-42 except the last one). Not sure if there is a person thought that's useful though...

I've submitted a paper for Scheme Workshop 2014 and accepted in October. So I went to Washington D.C. to make the presentation. I struggled writing the paper but it worth it. (thought I'm not sure if I want to do it again because I'm not good at writing...) Now, I'm a level 8 Schemer :) (although, I still think call/cc is difficult and avoid to use...)

I've made R6RS portable library json-tools and R7RS portable PostgreSQL binding. I thought json-tools was made last year (2013) but it was this year. At some point, time doesn't fly. Unfortunately, they are not needed by anybody (even including me by now but I can't predict the future). Writing portable libraries actually doesn't make my day but sometimes it's good to do it to see how much Scheme can do. Some people say it's only for educational purpose which I totally disagree. It just doesn't have enough of useful portable libraries.

I could release Sagittarius monthly this year (except December, I was a bit too busy). As always, I can't remember how it was in the beginning of the year. I'm not yet satisfied it so it will evolve next year. These are the things I want:
  • Better performance
    • It's not slow but not fast enough for me
  • Debugging utilities
    • I want to stop doing print debug
  • More libraries
    • It even doesn't have a library handling cookies, geez
  • R7RS-large support
    • Currently all R7RS-large libraries are supported
It's all basic things but no priority nor promise. Unfortunately, Sagittarius is not a popular Scheme implementation so I hardly get any feedback. So it's hard to see what's missing for other users. Above items are just what I want and may not for what users want. Plus, I often change my mind :)

In these couple of years, it feels one year is forever long. This is probably because I'm doing a lot of things. I wish 2015 will also be forever long year.

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Finally a blog entry I can read from top to bottom.
Keep up the good work!

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