SRFI 110

Today the SRFI 110 will be the final state (according to the latest ML topic). So for the celebration, I have supported it on Sagittarius.

Basically I have only added compatible layer to the reference implementation and run some scripts. There is one exception which is not satisfying requirement. That is, again the same as previous curly-infix SRFI, hash-bang directive. I don't have any intention to support these SRFIs in core Sagittarius so it's always uses reader macro or replaceable reader. So to use this SRFI on Sagittarius, it must look like this;
;; #!sweet for compatibility

define factorial(n)
  if {n <= 1}
     {n * factorial{n - 1}}


define a 4

define g(x y)
  {x * y}

let <* x sqrt(a) *>
! g {x + 1} {x - 1}
It might not be a big issue as usual.

The good thing about this SRFI is that it can be used in real world. If you are familiar with Python or Ruby which I don't know much about, this might be a good alternative. So the next step for this would be an Emacs lisp to support this :)

Well, again (the same as SRFI 105) I don't think I use this SRFI but it's always good to have choices for users.

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