Porting to BB10

A lot of Scheme implementations are ported to mobile device such as Gambit (iPhone), Mosh(Android), Gauche(iPhone, developing state though). Well, I'm feeling like it's time for me to ride the wave! Unfortunately, I have no developing environment neither iPhone nor Android but Blackberry. So I've so far decided to do with BB10 environment.

First of all, I needed to build Sagittarius on BB10 environment. This wasn't so difficult actually, I just needed to provide proper CMake tool chain configuration and some patches for Boehm GC (which only makes compiler satisfied currently though).

After that, I was trying to use Sagittarius as a library so that the application only needs to do eval and outputs the result. However this wasn't easy for me to handle standard I/Os. On BB10 environment, as far as I know, it is impossible to redirect keyboard input and standard output to GUI panels. So I thought I needed to create custom port to handle these things but I was too lazy to do it. So I've decided to use remote REPL which is already in library.

The basic idea I'm trying to do is really simple. Put all Sagittarius component into bar (Blackbarry ARchive, I guess) file and run the remote REPL as a child process. So what I need to implement is only send user input and receive the result. Then I'm facing a problem that for some reason sash is not executable. So I wrapped with shell which add permission of execution then run it. Now I've got core dump.

What am I missing?

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