64bit environment

I have received an email that said Sagittarius build process crashed on Open SUSE 64 bit. This is the first email I've got, yes, I was really excited! And at the same time, I felt the time had come at last.

I was maybe avoiding to apply 64 bit environment, the reason why is my main environment is Cygwin and I don't know if it can be 64 bit or only 32 bit. (As far as I know, it's only for 32 bit). So I didn't have it until now. (even thought my computer at my work is 64 bit hehe).

So I installed Open SUSE 64 bit into my VM (at my work), and build version 0.3.3. Yes, it broke as I expected. It seems cache problems. So I have checked the both writing and reading cache, then I saw the problem. The cache must be read as intptr_t or word size, but it used int (on 64 bit environment this is somehow not the size of pointer). So it read something weird value and SEGV. I thought if it was just this easy, then I can send a patch. Of course it wasn't this much easy. After I fixed it and ran the test, a lot of things complaining, and one of the test caused SEGV as well.

Well, most of the failed tests were related fixnum operation which I used int instead of long. So I fixed it, but I gave up to send a patch because the procedures are generated from stub files and if I make a patch, it would be huge.

I have also noticed that on 64 bit environment, cache files are huge. How huge? It's as twice as bigger than 32 bit environment. Why? It's because the word(pointer, not a document) size, even though most of the serialized values need only 32 bit length. Hmm, I guess I need to reduce the size.

The next release 0.3.4 should be run on 64 bit. (I still need to fix some bugs, though...)

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