Boehm GC "too many heap sections" error

Well, the reason why I am writing this article is it's not because I found the solution for that but I have figured out which version I could avoid this. So this is just a memo.

Boehm GC is one of the coolest library for C developer however it still has a lot of problems to use all platform (I guess). When I got this error, I was using Cygwin to develop my own project Sagittarius and trying to run tests. The GC version was 7.2 alpha 6. I actually used version 7.1 before and the reason why I tried to use the latest version was to solve multi thread problem. Well, as you can see it was a wrong decision. Each time I tried to run the tests it failed. So I decided not to use it and revised to stable (they say) version.

If you google this error message, you can probably see the solution which you need to build it with LARGE_CONFIG ld flag. Unfortunately, I haven't tried it because I also saw a lot of article which said it did not solve any problem.

Sorry if you google this error message to solve your problem, I have just written this article for nothing actually:-p

For my convenience, I have added one the solutions here. I googled the same error message and got my page.  Yes, I have written the above sentence and felt how annoying!

This page is the solution page for this stupid heap size problem.
Too many heap sections - The Software Life

If you built Boehm GC with LARGE_CONFIG, you can avoid the problem. Current Boehm GC's latest version 7.2 only has this problem on Windows (including Windows CE) and Cygwin. So if you are using real *NIX environment, lucky you.

Fortunately, these environment does not have standard binary for it. So you can simply re-build it.

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