Labor day

Today was one of Labour Days, which have been since last Saturday. Then what I wanted to say, I couldn't buy anything which I wanted. I hated it!

I woke up pretty late this morning and did something. Then I decided I would go to the Wall Mart today to buy something I needed. However it was closed, because of the Labour Day. It meant I just got tired. All I could do was to buy a cerial for tomorrow morning. It was kind of stupid, because I knew it. I just didn't know the store was closed.

Then I had plenty time to do something and conincidentally I could see my English teacher, who wasn't native speaker, though, on MSN. So I asked her to check my resume and cover letter which I sent some companies. She said it looked good... I wanted to know what I should brush them up, though. In other words, I have no idea what I have to do to get a job...orz

Anyway, today was a Labour Day. I still don't know what it is...

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