Google Chrome

For some reason, my firefox 3 and 4 didn't work well. I got horrible internet connection with it, such as google.com could be seen but not hatena.co.jp. First I thought it was because of my laptop, so I actually disassembled it and cleaned it. But unfortunately it wasn't it. Then I installed IE8 which I really didn't want to, and I really wish that was it. Well, as you can see it wasn't it, *AGAIN*.

I didn't have any idea what was wrong, I've even uninstalled my AVG which is a free virus software because I thought it has own firewall, however it didn't change any thing. Actually, I got less memory consuming as a result. But I'm kind of chicken so I've already installed new anti virus software, AVAST!. It's light and less memory than AVG so far I like it.

When I installed it, it recommended to install Google Chrome. Frankly, I've been avoiding to install it, because I felt like Google steal my private information such as the history of my browsing. I don't want them to know my porn site history XD. Just joking.

So far, it's pretty good. It's fast as they say and its style is really simple. One thing I have a problem with this. It can't import my bookmark from firefox. I think this is because my firefox's profile is broken. Does any body know how to fix it?

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